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International Journal of Business & Cyber Security (IJBCS)

IJBCS is a scholarly and refereed journal that provides an authoritative source of information for scholars, academicians, policy makers and professionals regarding business and cyber security. It is peer reviewed journal that is published twice a year and serves as an important research platform. IJBCS is committed to publishing articles that provide insight and informs best practice. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, policy makers, practitioners and researchers internationally.  The Editors and Editorial Board of the IJBCS are committed to championing original academic papers that demonstrate academic rigor, originality and integrity. IJBCS seeks to minimise cyber-risk through insight and vigilance.

In a world where an online presence has become integral to commercial activity and to credibility there are a growing number of reasons to be anxious about those acting with vexatious and nefarious intent.  Criminality in the cybersphere appears to be growing at an exponential rate and is a cause for legitimate concern.  If we just pause for a moment to think about the varieties of criminal activity taking place, we soon come to recognise the need for a greater understanding of what is taking place, as well as awareness of the possible measures that can be taken to thwart those seeking to do harm. Blackmail & extortion, cybersquatting & typosquatting, digital piracy, fraudulent use of trademarks, impersonation, pharming, phishing and traffic diversion are just some of the damaging activities that are exercising those endeavouring to minimise cyber-risk.  IJBCS recognises that this is a very serious subject worthy of further study and thus as an academic journal seeks to play a small, yet purposeful role,  in raising awareness of the issues, as well as becoming a credible conduit for the dissemination of current research, analysis and opinion from across the globe.

IJBCS is happy to be associated with the 2nd International Conference on Business & Cyber Security taking place in London on 5th August 2018.

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